About this series.
Are we adopting technology as an extension of ourselves? Or is the digital world becoming more human? It the fascination of this such questions and the passion for technology, humanity and  the science of light that inspires my works in the LightArt series. 
Hard, digitally produced light shines on the ultimate organic form - the female body to create these photos. It is almost as if technology is warping itself into the human form.  It is this magical confluence of digital and human, hard and tender, binary and fuzzy. Add to it a dash of chaotic vibes an some loudness, and this is what you get.  I believe that life is too short for boring stuff. Let there be light, let there be colours!
Care has been taken to preserve the authentic nature of these photos. The retouch is limited to exposure changes, saturation/tones, and the elimination of studio props. The distribution of colours/hues and the patterns are authentic and not photoshopped. In some cases, the photos are even as-from-camera. Occasionally you may notice tattoos and piercings, and these are left untouched too, since they are part of the human nature of the subjects.
Most works of this series are available in limited-edition signed prints. Models are treated with respect and get a fair share of the proceedings of sales. 
About me and photography,
I grew up in Bombay, where I graduated as an engineer. At a very young age, I moved to Belgium. Here, a new "me" discovered concepts such as aesthetics and visual expression. For someone who has grown up training to be "rational", it was a strange new world. 
I was always interested in taking photographs, albeit point-and-shoot. My journey in real photography started with a frustrating and futile attempt to capture the vibes of a scene lit with an open fireplace.  It is this frustration led me to learn and explore the "art" behind photography.  This distinct moment, more than a decade ago was the single tipping point to start my journey towards being a professional photographer. I attended vocational photography school for two years, and decided that the school flow was too rigid for me. I had enough basics to start learning on my own, by attending specific workshops, and practicing specific techniques. 
Today, I run a modest photography studio in a cozy little town, Nijlen, in the Belgian countryside, not far from where I live. In addition to the commercial work, I quite enjoy experimenting with light in portraiture. It is a strange world - the more you know, the more you realise how much more there is to learn. However, each time we try a new concept, it gives that lovely feeling of satisfaction. There is no limit to imagination here, and the way ahead is full of colours. 
Let there be light!

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